Friday, November 24, 2006

Well, my practical exam yesterday didn't go as awesomely as I might have hoped, but it's done with now, so that's really the most important thing. My group worked really hard and I think that we did the best that we couldm so know all there is to do is to sit and wait for the results. Thank you to everyone who gave me kind words yesterday about Irene. I really appreciate it. I am just going to hope and pray that some funding comes through for her before her drugs run out.

I may not be able to update this weekend as I am working almost all weekend. I am working tonight, tomorrow night, and sunday night at the Cohn and I am working at the dalplex christmas fair this weekend saturday and sunday day, helping out my step mother with her candles. So, I probably won't have much knitting updates.

In the meantime though - Hermione Mittens!! Here they are being blocked. I love them and I think I will be buying the hat pattern shortly, because I have some more of the yarn, and oh how I love matching sets :)

Well, I would love to blog all day i REALLY should get some school work done before the weekend of work begins :)

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Say said...

Those are adorable mittens.