Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Did you know that I was a trendsetter? I didn't. Until lately...

My classmates have been teasing me lately because more and more of my peers are showing up to school with their knitting. Knitters spotted include me, Crystal, Melissa and Judie. I actually find that it helps me concentrate in class. I find my energy level stays high enough when I knit that I can stay focused longer. What my friends will tell you is that I have an amazingly short attention span, so anything that I can do to lengthen it is a good thing.

I have to say I have been very impressed with Crystal's knitting, she told me that she had learned to knit before but didn't really know how to knit anything, I got her set up with a simple rolled brim hat and she finished it in no time. Without any help she proceeced to knit a basket stitch scarf and begin another hat. I love fostering the love of knitting in people!

Speaking of knitting in class, here is a shot of the start of my Hermione hat. I love it so far, and I can't wait to start the pattern :)

It's a running joke in our apartment that if Mike finds out that I love something he feels that he has to break it in case I start to love the object more than him. I have lost several bowls and mugs this way. Recently he broke one of my favorite pottery mugs, it was a beautiful mug, and the potter while still around has stopped making them. So when I worked the Dalplex craft fair the other weekend I bought myself a replacement mug, when I next saw him I informed him that he had in fact bought the mug for me. I must say though, that I love love love this mug, it's colors are so rich and it is the PERFECT shape. Here is a picture of the beloved new mug, isn't it perfect?

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