Saturday, October 28, 2006

Three little Piggies

Baldur (my parent's springer spaniel, came in for a visit today. Wayne had meetings in Halifax so he dropped him off. Lionel and Julie came by and we took him and Oliver to Seaview, the local dog park. I realized something sad today, Baldur is old. He really had no interest whatsoever in the other dogs and was very happy to go back to the car and sleep. Oliver on the other hand could not wait to get off the leash and run with the other pups. We couldn't really let him though with his poor toe still healing.

I have almost finished my barn animal set. I made a mama pig and three piglets. And if I do say so, they are damn cute! I also made a little bag from Last Minute Knitted Gifts to put all the little animals inside. Some little kid is going to have the best christmas ever!

I have a curry simmering on the stove right now that I am pretty pumped about. It's a pork curry with onions, spinach and carrots and squash from my step dad's garden. It is gonna be awesome. Mike and I are going to eat it up and then watch The United States of Confederacy, a fake documentary about what the USA might be like if the south had of won the civil war.

Mike and I went to the Arts, Social Sciences and Sciences Ball last night. It was fun, but I had to wear a dress that I wore to the last semi formal we had, because I only own one nice dress. Well today, I managed to find an awesome Esprit dress (20 bucks marked down from 120!) at a sale downtown. Ah well, I will put it in the closet and patiently wait to be invited to another ball.

I must tottle off now, dinner is almost ready and I have to go kick the cat out of my chair... the fact that a cook book fell on her has not detered her from her favorite sleeping spot.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

So, my brother Lionel called me last night and told me that he had a little doggy emergency with my furry nephew Oliver. He had been limping and when hey took him to the vet they were told he would need to come back the next day for x rays. Well, the vet doesn't open until 7:30 and Lionel and Julie had to be at work at 5:45 and 6:30 respectively. So I nobely got up at 5:30 this morning to let Oliver and Lionel's car be dropped off at my apartment so that I could take him to the vet at 7:30. He was very well behaved but he sure was a sad sight when I went to get him. Turns out his baby toe is broken so he has to wear a cast for next 6 weeks, and he can't go for walks during that time either. It's not gonna be a fun 6 weeks for puppies.

I started knitting a baby sweater last night and I am really enjoying it. The pattern is from Joelle Hoverson's Quick Knitted Gifts, but I accidently started the pattern for a 1-2 year old. I think this might make it harder to sell, but I am enjoying the pattern so I think I will keep on trucking with it. If nothing else, I can always start a hope chest. My favorite part of the sweater is the colour and drape of the yarn, I am using a solid color of Cascade 220. However, even though the colour looks pretty one dimensional in the photo, it is actually quite radiant and beautiful up close.

Sad news... I seem to have misplaced my stash of finished knitted products. I think that I lost it in the move... this means that a significant amount of the knitting that I have done since last christmas may now be gone. I am really not sure where... I am guessing it might have been misplaced in the move. Ah well, it gives me time to restock and be creative!

In happier news it turns out that Alison and I are geniouses. We made a spiced loaf from Iceland for the International Feast at school tomorrow, and it is AMAZING. I think lots of people can expect loafs for christmas :)

Monday, October 23, 2006

I'm back with scars to show

OK, so I am obviously not in Iceland anymore, so I decided that I am dumping the old blog and creating this new one instead. It is going to focus more on my knitting and my life than my past blog, which was really just for travelling. I think I will keep this one up on my next fieldworks so that people can keep in touch with me when I am
scattered around the maritimes.

Since I last updated my blog Mike and I have moved away from Quinpool Towers. When I got home from Iceland I discovered that we had bedbugs in our apartment thanks to our neightbours who had them for about 4 months beforehand. We felt that the situation was being very poorly managed so we threw out about half of our belongings, replaced our beds and moved. We love our new apartment, it's very small but so quaint!

I am now in my fourth and last year of my undergrad! yay!!! After this I just have 10 months of Masters and I will be done :) I can't express how pumped I am to be done and to go out there and start working!

First of all, I want to show off the pictures of my latest knitting craze, that is creating an army of stuffed farm animals. Creepy? Adorable? I am getting mixed reviews on this one. I think that Mike finds the volume of the critters to be the creepiest.

I have started my christmas knitting :) But I can't say what those might be or post on here for obvious reasons...

Well, I have a giant vat of chili on the stove that I really should go see to, cheers everyone, it's good to be back.