Monday, March 17, 2008

Hobbes is a really bad kitten... I take back everything I said about him being perfect. He is truly the naughtiest kitten I have ever had. He eats everything left out (and I mean everything - I caught him eating a biscuit yesterday), he swings from my curtains, he takes the cords from the blinds and runs around with them, he knocks things off my desk, he steps on my keyboard... I could go on. And yet - I can never be mad at him when he looks at me with those sweet brown eyes.

Yesterday though he and Mike both had a traumatic experience. Mike was in the shower when I heard a scream and a meow come from the bathroom. I ran in to find Hobbes soaking wet and crying on the floor. I guess he saw Mike's feet in the shower and leaped in to attack them, only to be shocked when he realized there was water falling on him. I hope Hobbes learned a lesson about attacking things without considering the consequences of his actions. I gave him lots of love and some treats... and I think it wasn't too scarred.

I am currently working on the rose cat bed from a second treasury of magical knitting. It is going to be a truly massive beast before I felt it, but it's all good as I have a ton of lopi in my stash anyway. Let me just say this though - Cat Bordhi, you amaze me. I can't believe how amazing this pattern is and how freakin cool mobius are!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Kitten Love

So as you all know from my last post Mike and I have adopted a kitten. He is orange and sweet and perfect and his name is Hobbes. He is truly the best kitten in the whole wide world. Now, I know what you are all thinking, What about Sage? Well, I love Sage to death, and I think she is perfect, but she was terrible when she was a kitten, we almost took her back to the SPCA because we didn't think we could handle her. She would hiss and scratch at everyone and would run away of everything. With time she blossomed and became the world's best cat... but she was a challenge as a kitten.

So how are Sage and Hobbes getting along? I think as well as we could have hoped for. Sage likes to chase Hobbes, and she hisses at him, but is accepting him more and more. She now lets him sleep next to her, and last night she let him on our bed for the first time. I think in a couple weeks they could be good friends. Today I even found them batting at each other's paws through a door. Mike and I consider ourselves so lucky to have two wonderful perfect cats.

We found Hobbes in a flower shop in Windsor, Nova Scotia. I work in a nursing home there and the physio assistant told me that the SPCA keeps kittens there. I went to look at him that day and just feel in love. I called Mike on the way home and told him we had a new addition to the family. Don't worry, he had agreed that we could get a kitten before hand!

I have managed to get a small amount of knitting done. I made a hat and a pair of socks. The socks are Chevron pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks, I made a pair of them for Cathy for Christmas and loved them so much I had to knit a pair for myself. I really like socks with built in ribbing like these ones, because I like socks that hug my feet.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The real reason I havn't been blogging

Mike and I got a kitten!!