Sunday, November 19, 2006

Warm and Cozy

I have added my free pattern, a hot water bottle cozy to the sidebar. I am really proud of it and I really hope someone makes it! If anyone makes one, please please please send me a picture. I would love to see it! Just so you all know, I have a really loose gauge, so please either check your gage or just bump your needle size up a size or two. My gauge is so loose that if I am knitting a pattern I always go down a whole size because I have learned that my gauge will always be bigger.

I spent most of my knitting time today assembling an afghan that I am making for my brother and Julie for Christmas. Here are some pictures of it at large and up close. I am using Briggs and Little Atlantic 3 ply, a cheap but good quality chunky yarn. The pattern is from "The Little Box of Knitted Throws" and it is my very first afghan ever knitted so I must say I am quite proud of it, part of the reason that I knit it was just as a challenge to myself to see if I would have the patience to knit a blanket. I must say I really have enjoyed it and I think I would do another... Lizard Ridge is calling me!!

That's all for a now, I am really tired and I plan to take a nice long bath before I go to work tonight.

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Catie said...

I have the same thing with gauge, only sometimes I have to go down even more than that! I suppose I could knit tighter and adjust my knitting instead of my needles (some say that that is the more expert thing to do) but if I were to knit tighter then it would be more labourous to knit. Plus, with my luck I would forget to knit tightly...