Wednesday, May 16, 2007

We got some new arrivals in the family. Meet next year's dinner! It's hard to believe that they start out so cute, it makes them kinda hard to think about as food. But I assure all you kind hearted folks out there that they start to get pretty mangy looking pretty fast. Plus they are dumb as doorknobs, we had to show them how to eat so that they didn't starve.

Also, I have gone crazy. What is this I am attempting? That would be the beginning of a labyrinth rug. It only has to be Oh about 20 frickin yards. It seemed like a good idea at the time but I am beginning to think it will be impossible. But it is SUCH a GREAT way to use up all of my scraps!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I have been doing very little knitting lately. I have essentially finished my second spinner's lace shawl but I cannot cast off until I get some beads for the fringe, so my knitting is sort of on hold. So to compensate for a lack of pictures of knitting I am bribing you with cute animal pictures :)

The weather here today is beautiful... which of course would happen on the days I have to work, seeing as it rained all weekend :( But I am enjoying the weather anyway. I think I will buy some car soap on my way back from pictou and wash the beast when I get home. The beast is my car by the way, not one of the dogs... I do not wash my puppies with car soap.

Isn't this picture pretty? I knit this a long time ago but I was inspired by how well the water displayed the lace. The yarn is Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton and is oh so soft and wonderful.

Anyway as wonderful as you people are, it is way too nice outside for me to be in here on a computer... so ciao!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

One comment struck me from my last post and that was the inquiry over who the very cute dog in the background was. Well that is the world's best dog, Baldur! I actually don't have any pictures of him on my computer right now because I have not loaded them all on yet, but I will have to post some pictures of him, because he is a great dog.

Things are really picking up at work, as I am given more and more patients I have to work harder and harder and prioritizing my time. I want to make sure that everyone gets the help that they need, or at least as much as I can give them.

In sockpal news I see that I have received a comment from my sock pal! Yay! I just checked the database and got the information on who I will be sending socks to, this is all so very very exciting! I have never done an exchange before but I can see how addictive it could be!