Thursday, November 23, 2006

Not ready to make nice

This is not a political blog. This is a knitting blog. But right now I need to express something. I dislike Conservatives... strongly dislike conservatives. Especially right now. I am studying occupational therapy, I understand how our health care system works. I love Canada, I love that we have Universal Health care, I think it makes our country more beautiful and a more peaceful place to live. However, as my readers may or not know, our universal health care does not cover drugs, unless you are on social assistance.

The girl in the article is my sister. She has a host of autoimmune diseases and was born sick and has been terminally ill for most of her life. Now though, she has leukemia, and has a very short time left. Why? Why, can't the government just pay for her drugs? Afterall, if she can't get funding she simply isn't going to buy her drugs, there is no way that she can, no one in my family has any money. And if she doesn't take her drugs, she is going to end up in the intensive care unit - which lo and behold is covered in Canada. Guess how much it costs to keep someone in the ICU for one day? $5,000! It's not gonna take many days of her being in the ICU before it would have been much much cheaper for the government to just pay her f***in drug bill!

Ok rant is over. I am just really upset about this today.

I started the second one of my Hermione Mittens. I havn't got a lot done though because I have been really busy. I have a simulated client exam today, and I have been bartending a lot lately. Here is the mitten though! I am having a hard time getting good pictures of my knitting that really shows off the colour and the stitch definition. Any tips? I think maybe if I took them outside I would get better results, I just usually don't bother because I live in an apartment and have no yard!


Julie said...

Hugs to you and your sister. I deal with military medicine here in the US and have seen a lot of equally stupid things - like why do we care about terminal cancer patients (like ones with weeks to live) getting addicted to drugs??!!??

I don't think the problem is extremists (though I hate them too), I think the problem is MORONS.

Hugs again, and hang in there.

Say said...


I'm in Halifax too and have been following this case and rooting for your sister. I'm so sorry. That ruling is so utterly and completely unjust and unreasonable.