Monday, November 20, 2006

*sigh* I am growing weary of the afghan. Christmas is still a ways to go though so I think it will be ok if I take some time off from it. Luckily I had lots of time to knit in class today and managed to finish square #9. The patten calls for 12 squares, today I layed it out on the floor and tried to decide if maybe I could just call it a 9 sqaure lap blanket... it could qualify, but the present is for two people so I really should make it large enough that two people could share it at the same time. The cat was kind enough to jump off the couch and onto the blanket to make this picture more interesting.

Why does my apartment look so messy in all my blog pictures? It is really quite clean in real life. Somehow all my blog pictures manage to show off all the small messes and stashes of yarn in the corner. Mike has declared a war on my scraps of yarn. So I am making an effort to clean up and throw away all my little odds and ends that I snip off. It's hard! If it was up to me, yarn would probably take over our small apartment. So I guess I am glad to have him keep me and the yarn in check.

I realized that on my last blog Dispatches from Iceland I never posted a picture of me in the second Icelandic sweater that I knit while I was there, I also never posted a picture of Leif in the sweater that I knit him to match, so here they are now...

The sweater was knit with the lopi yarn that you can only buy in Iceland, with two strands held together. That's rough the equivalent of Lopi Lett here. I knit it on 5 mm needles. The patten was purchased in a yarn store that Carola kindly showed me in Reyjkavik. I have no idea how you could access it here.

The dog sweater was knit using the same yarn, but the pattern came from a more mainstream source. One of the coiled books that Lopi yarn publishes every now and then. This book was number 25.

My latest inspiration is the Hermione Mittens, I saw inspiration while browsing blogs here, here, and here. Everyone's mitts are sooo pretty! I bought the pattern on impulse, and I think I will cast them on tonight. Exciting!


Anonymous said...

You and your dog match.

Carola said...

Everybody in "Lopapeysa", hurray! They are both so pretty and Leif even looks happy (it's so cute how dogs can smile).
Hopefully you will be in the mood for the afghan again, soon. It looks very nice and cozy already.