Saturday, November 18, 2006

So hopelessly hopeful

I finished my noro tea cozy, the same tea cozy that I caused me to totally abandon studying for my midterm. I can't help it when it comes to Kureyon. I get too excited waiting to see what the next color is going to be and I can't bring myself to stop knitting until I have finished the whole ball! anywho, here is a picture of the finished project. I loved knitting it, and like the final project, which will be a present for my mother. But I think that next time I make it I will eliminate the double knit base, to me it is a little too thick and causes the teapot to sit a little rickity. Anyone who would like to use the pattern, it is from knitty and the pattern is available here.

I also wanted to post a picture of this cute little porqupine that I made a while ago, I forgot to put a picture of him on the site, but I think he definitly deserves one, because he is so very cute! I got the pattern for him for free at the same place that I got the patterns for the other forest friends that I knit. Oh and yes he is sitting next to a nerf dart, that would belong to my oh so mature boyfriend.

I finished my step mother's Christmas present as well, a pair of sheepskin slippers. These slippers are a Maggie speciality. I co-designed them with my good friend Gill Martin. And I love the pattern VERY much. Basically they have a sheepskin bottom and a knitted top, but the truly special part is that when you put your foot inside the slipper your foot rests on top of pure sheepskin fuzzyness. I tried to take a picture of the inside but it didn't turn out, basically imagine your foot on top of a sheepskin blanket. That's what it feels like. Lovely!

They are knit from the bottom up, and the pattern is VERY simple. Basically I just cut out a piece of sheepskin in the shape of the person's foot. I punch holes in it using a leather punch that I got from a tackshop. Then, using a 4.5 mm crochet hook I pick up stiches through the holes, two stitches per hole usually, but this varies a little. Then I crochet a few rounds around the foot. How many I do varies, this particular one has a row of single crochet, a row of double, and a row of single. After this I pick up some stitches from the toe, usually about 8. Then I knit back and forth picking up a stich from each side on every knit round. This will cause you to increase by two stitches every right side round. So once I have enough stitches width wise I knit two together after every pick up. So basically you carry on like this up the foot, skipping some stitches on the side so that your top isn't too puffy, then I pick up enough stitches from the heel to create a leg space and make the cuff. Ta Da!

It only takes me about 4 hours to make a pair of them. I know the pattern sounds a little complicated but it really isn't. If anyone wants to attempt a pair let me know and I can give you some more tips. I assure you it's a wonderful gift, everyone loves them!

Tonight I am going to the Christmas parade with my brother's girlfriend, and my good friend Julie. We are taking their dog Oliver. Should be very fun, especially if I get around to making some Irish Coffee before we go :)

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Carola said...

The sheepskin slippers are such a fine design. I HAVE to make some. How is your experience with the picked u stitches under the sole? Do they last long? They look a bit delicate, but oh so neat!
Lovely Noro tea cosy. You are so right about the thrill to knit until the next colour emerges, and the next, and the next... ;-)