Saturday, September 13, 2008

You can put a pig in a powder blue sweater vest but it's still a pig

We are in full election mode around here. There is municipal election going on (October 18th I think), a Canadian Federal Election, and of course the American Election. Anyone else find it amusing that the Canadian election is happening a month before the American and people are still more excited about the American one? To be honest I am a little sad about the Canadian election right now, I am a die hard NDP and it looks like Harper is going to win a majority. I wonder how much funding our womens' groups, social programs, literacy funding, support for people with disabilities, health care will lose? I hope I don't offend anyone, I just believe very strongly that when we all take care of each other through a strong social safety net, we all benefit.

In more chipper news the fall Knitty is up! Anyone else excited? The fall one is always my favorite. From this issue I really like Twist + Shout, Versatility, Maple, and Interlocking Leaves. I honestly don't know if I will make any of them, but I have enjoyed looking at the patterns.

Lately I have been very committed to my spinning. I really don't understand how people don't knit with their handspun, all that I want to use for knitting is my handspun right now! As soon as it becomes stash it just itches and itches for me to knit with it. So currently the patterns I choose will be based on the yarn I happen to have. Unless of course I am struck by a super fantastic sweater pattern that I just have to knit, although perhaps by then I will good enough at spinning to actually produce a sweater's worth of yarn in the same weight!


Alison said...

New Knitty--I love that optical illusion baby blanket pattern!

I am equally unexcited by either election. Although sad that I won't be able to vote for Alexa federally for the first time in years. Now, if I could just find out who the school board candidates in my riding are, and how they feel about closing Saint Mary's Elementary, that I could get excited about.

Maggie said...

They might close Saint Mary's Elementary? Aw that would make me so sad. I went to the South End Daycare and took grade primary at that school. I loved it!

Alison said...

You went to South End? Was Valerie still director then? The Boy's been there since he was a baby, Valerie and his Grannie are old cronies! Yes, Saint Mary's is up for review, what they really want to do is close Saint Mary's, Inglis, and LeMarchant Saint Thomas and build one huge elementary school for the whole South End. Trying to get Saint Mary's closed is the first step towards that.

Maggie said...

That is terrible, I love small elementary schools. When I went to Saint Mary's they did a lot of great things for students who spoke English as a second language, or who did not yet speak English at all. I really loved it when I went there.

I am not sure who the director was, but I went there in about 1989, or about 19 years ago. It was a great day care, I hate to say that I was a bit of a trouble maker (they use to put me in the hall for nap time because I would talk to other kids). They had a great staff when I was there.