Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Whisker's Wednesday

I had an invitation awhile ago to join Whisker's on Wednesday, at the time I declined, but when Monica recently invited me again, I decided to take her up on it. Why not? I blog about the kitties almost daily anyway. The idea is that on Wednesdays you can blog about your kitties. For me this may not make Wednesday very different from other days, but at least on Wednesday I can feel a little less nerdy about it.

I caught Chase and Hobbes have some snuggles on the couch today. Chase seems to like to snuggle in Hobbes' butt for some reason... this is not the first time I have found them like this.

I have to admit... I repositioned them for this next picture. I just thought it was too weird how Chase was next to Hobbes' butt. Don't they look cute?

I then attempted to make them spoon. I don't think cats like spooning though as it caused Hobbes to start chewing on Chase. I don't think Chase minded.... she loves her big brother.

I am really happy with what good friends they have become. It's not uncommon for us to come home and find them cuddled up on my desk chair (their favorite chair) or sharing some nibbles. I must say though that I was NOT happy with Chase's behavior last night! She likes to bat at our feet under the covers. Recently she has discovered that she can go all the way under the covers and have full access to our feet. She runs around under there clawing and playing to her hearts content. This morning though I had a serious discussion with her about how I only have a very limited time frame within which to sleep, and that if I don't sleep in that time frame sleep does not happen. I think she understood.

I have made some progress on the sheep shawl, but getting a photo is next to impossible. I have finished the sheep, now I just have some grass lace to do and the edging. yay!

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Anonymous said...

YAAY! I'm so glad you've joined! Hobbes is toooo cute not to blog about every week... and now that you've got two, you've got twice as much material! Chase looks kinda like my Oscar did.