Friday, September 12, 2008


We are moving into fall, it isn't quite here yet, but it is definitly in the air. Fall is my favorite knitting time of year. I always feel very productive (in more than just knitting) and motivated to get things done. This is the first fall that I haven't been going back to school, and I am gonna be honest with you, it rocks.

I think I may go a little less crazy with Christmas knitting this year. I have so many projects right now that I just want to do. What I may do is knit some gifts if I see a project I really want to knit and that I know a family member would love, but other than that I may lay off. This is unusual for me, but everyone needs to have the occasional relaxing pre Christmas season.

I have started spinning some of the roving that I picked up at Belfast Mini Mills (aka the greatest place on earth). When I was there I bought a really truly embarrassingly large amount of roving. Now I feel all this guilt to spin it up and then knit it up... I think it's going to take a while. This purply/pink goodness is a bamboo/merino mix. Doesn't it just GLOW? I have been having fun spinning it, It's the first non 100% wool that I have spun, and it is really fun to play around with the different fibers.

Of course though before I spun up the bamboo/merino I had to finish the burgundy merino that I had already started. Wow that stuff took a long time to get through! I think that is about 4 weeks of spinning! No wonder not a lot of knitting has gotten down around here.

That's about 9.3 ounces total and 1112 yards. One of the skeins had exactly 666 yards in it... I am not positive what I am going to make with it but I am thinking the Fiber Trends Butterfly Shawl.

I did some spinning at the fisheries museum in Lunenburg on Wednesday, can you spot the two non-antique wheels?


Marti said...

Your spinning is quite lovely. I so want a wheel.

Anonymous said...

Your cats are gorgeous!