Sunday, September 14, 2008

Felting Soap

I was inspired today to felt some soap. The inspiration came from Suzy Sells Sea Shells who posted some lovely soap felt on her blog. I found a tutorial here, and got to work. They have it in a about 20 steps, but I think I can cut it down to 4.

Step 1:

Gather needed materials, hot water, soap, wool, and a towel. I used a Body Shop soap in Mango. The wool is Polsworth from London Wul. Although I didn't realize it at this time, removing naughty kittens is also a good idea. Kittens will steal left over wool and run away with it. They will also get their heads stuck in bucket handles, try to drink the hot water, and bat at your face.

Step 2:

Wrap the wool around your soap, make sure that you wrap it both lengthwise and widthwise. I realized afterwards that it is good idea to draft (pull apart) your fiber, it makes it felt better.

Step 3:

Trickle some water over the wool to get it wet, do not dunk the soap in the water or it will fall apart. Gently rub the water into the wool. It will start to get soapy, and you can be rougher once it starts to felt. I basically just rubbed and rubbed it over my hands like I was washing them until it become nice and tight. It's really not difficult at all. I guess it helps if you have a washboard or felting board, but it's not necessary.

Step 4:

Admire finished product, congratulate yourself on your cleverness. I also suggest removing the finished product from small kittens, because they will assume it is a toy for them.

I had fun with this. I may make a couple for presents, but I will test drive the soap that I made first to make sure that it works as well as I think it will.


Alison said...

But why would you felt fibre around a bar of soap?

Maggie Tipping said...

Oh haha I guess I didn't explain that one! It makes a kind of Loofa washcloth thing. So when you get it wet the soap comes out and you can use it as a body scrubber.

I have seen them for sale before at craft shops and I always wanted to try making them.

Team Knit said...

oh wow, that's so neat! I wonder if you could do something similar for dishes, or if it would leave lint. I gues sit depends on the fibre! Hmmm, very interesting idea!

- Julie

Melissa said...

any wool recommendations? I have a bag behind the's just shetland.