Monday, September 15, 2008

Kittens = Fodder for the Blog

I am really making an effort to blog more often. I am not sure that I really see the point in having a blog unless I update frequently. For me, I think it might mean forcing myself to update close to daily, because if I don't update daily, I just may not update at all. Or go on another month long hiatus. I am finding it hard to find material for daily posts, I just don't knit enough to have something exciting to show every day. This is especially true now that I am spinning. As much as I love spinning, it does seriously take away from the knitting time, meaning that I now have less show and tell. So, we may be seeing a few more kitty pictures when there is no knitting to display, I think I can bribe you guys with that right?

Speaking of non knitting content, anyone else see Burn After Reading? I loved it, as I have loved every movie made by the Coen Brothers. It was worth the movie ticket price just to see Brad Pitt's dance moves.


Catie said...

that kitten picture is soooooo cute - i'm totally bribe-able with kitten/cat pictures :)

Team Knit said...

Since I got kittens a couple weeks ago, I'm ALL about kittens on blog posts! Bring on the kitty photos. : )

- Julie