Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I went to a Gwynne Dyer lecture last night on Dalhousie campus. I want to express how amazing the lecture was. His focus was on climate change, but he had a very unique perspective on it. He presented the issue in terms of politics and world cooperation. He emphasized the importance of world leaders working collaborativly on this issue. He also talked about China and India as rising superpowers and the need for the United States not to create war with China at this critical time. Anyway I am super summarizing what he said, and probably distorting it. But if you are interested in climate change and politics I would recommend his book climate wars.

In knitting news, Thermal is progressing along nicely. I have finished one sleeve and seamed it onto the sweater. I tried it on and it fits well, although I made the sleeves a little too long. I am generally happy with how it looks though. I am here alone right now so I wasn't able to take a great picture of me wearing it, but I did what I could!

I hope I can finish it soon! I spoke to the Cashmere people on the phone today and they would like me to turn their cashmere into shawls as soon as I am available. I was very flattered when they told me that I can recommended from both yarn stores in Tatamagouche :)

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