Monday, March 19, 2007

I have been super busy with knitting items lately but I have not had the motive to update, especially since my computer hates me and has been making independent choices as to when it wants to turn off.

The presidential head to head debate occured tonight at the Grawood between Mike and his competitor. I can't comment on how it went because Campaigning has ended. But I will tell you that Mike looked very sharp in his suit and the red power tie I got him for Christmas. Those of you who are Dal students and would like some harsh critism of EVERY candidate (Mike included) can check out

So in knittery news, I have finished my Santa Cruz. I love the comfortableness and stretchyness of the lace. I used knitpicks Gloss and it took way less than half a skein. I used 3.25mm and modifyed the stitches slightly, but not drastically. I think I cast on 94 stitches. Sorry, I know this photo isn't great, it looks better on my head, but I couldn't get a good enough picture of me wearing it to put it on the internet permanently.

In class today I cast on and finished the petel bib from One Skein. I think I used about half a skein of KnitPicks Shine Sport. So all in all, this was a very cheap knit! About $2 for a sweet little bib. My tension was a little wonky with it, and my wrap and turns are not perfect but I think it will look great once I wash it.
I am also working on another Sheldon. I loved knitting my last one so much I had to make another. Not quite sure what I will do with him yet, but toys do seem to have a way of finding homes. So I am not too worried.

Lastly some very good news! I was accepted to Grad school!! I will be starting my Msc.OT August 7!!!!

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Catie said...

congrats on grad school - my lesson that I'll share with you is that weekends may now come at different times in the week and may skip some weeks all together... Oh and awesome knitting - do you recommend the one skein book?