Sunday, March 04, 2007

I have made some progress on the sleeve with only one snag, I don't know if you can tell or not by the picture but my tension is really tight around the cuff. This is weird for me, I always knit really loosely, and I wasn't stressed or anything when I was knitting it so I am not sure what happened. I am just hoping that I can semi mimic it on the next sleeve so it's even. Also, I have been told that this yarn stretches out a bit when blocked, so I should be able to fit it then.

I have a group presentation on Wednesday that has to be three hours long... we only found out about the presentation last Wednesday... So for the next couple of days I will be in major freakout mode until this is done. I have a meeting with my group for most of today, So we should get a chunk of it done though :)


Catie said...

topic? i'm working (or procrastinating from) on a dyslexia presentation, 50 minutes, just me, due tomorrow afternoon

Susan said...

Hey Maggie,
Your Thermal is looking fantastic. Mine is inching along, and will probably be done sometime this Summer ;)
About the Newsboy cap....Yes, I used stiff interfacing. I have, however knit serveral w/out the interfacing. I doubled the yarn to give a little more firmness on the caps I knit for my nieces. That works just as well.