Saturday, December 09, 2006

This morning Mary and I went to the Hydrostone to go to one of Halifax's fine LYS, L.K Yarns, we went so that she could get some yarn for her Hermione Hat. It will probably be a little while before I get to it, but I hope that I will have it done by New Years. See I am not coming back to Halifax in January, I am going to Saint John for my clinical placement, but Mike will be coming back, so if I can give it to him by New Years he can deliver it to Mare, so she can be warm and fashionable. She settled on this color of Paton's Merino, she's a little allergic to wool so I think the Merino will be a good choice.

I also picked up the brown for Chad's hat, I used that and some of the leftover from Maureen's hat & mitts to make him his hat. It's sort of a skull cap style, which I hope he likes. I was going to make a flip brim style but I messed up with the strands on my striping so it ended up being a beanie. If he doesn't like it I know a certain boy that I live with that would very much like the hat for himself.

I knit it with Paton's Merino on 4.5 mm needles. I made up the pattern, I just cast on 96 stitches and worked in a knit 2 purl 2 rib for 35 rows and then decreases 8 stitches every second row until it was done.

I have also cast on for this project. This is a sneak picture and there shall be no more pictures of it until after Christmas as it is a surprise :)

And lastly I picked up this pattern. I really don't need any more knitting patterns, especially with all the things I am inspired to make right now, but they had an example of these mittens in the store and they were BEAUTIFUL. So I must must make them.

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Mike Tipping said...

Surprises? I love surprises!