Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A few hours after my last post all that gross rain turned into fluffy snowflakes, our first real snowfall of the season, and fall it did! We got a good couple of feet on the ground that night and we also got our first power outage of the season. The power turned off when I was about 15 minutes away from completing a tasty meal of my world famous pork, bok choy, beansprout and mushroom stirfry. It was heart breaking. All was not lost though! We trudged down the street with Mare and Manda, to the Ardmore, where we gorged on their awesome greasy spoon food.

The snow has actually stayed around, and we have a pretty layer on the ground and on all the trees. It is truly mitten, hat and scarf weather. I love gawking at everyone else's winter wear and trying to figure out how to steal the patterns :)

Maureen's mittens are coming along well. Mary and I are going to the yarn store on Saturday so that she can pick out yarn that will look as close as possible to what Hermione wore! So I am going to try and finish Maureen's mittens for Saturday. Under normal knitting conditions this would be very easy, but with all this damn exam studying getting in the way, my knitting time is seriously compromised.

I wore the hourglass sweater that I knit from Last Minute Knitted Gifts today for the first time since I knit it over a year ago. I used Brown Sheep Superwash, and 3.75 mm needles. I am thinking about reknitting it with smaller needles, I like the sweater but the sleeves are really baggy. I am contimplating playing around with the pattern, maybe adding some emblishments or something. Also, I would like to express how hard it is to take a picture of yourself in the mirror, next time I will just wait until my photographer aka Mike gets home.

Hey! Look! A picture of my cat! For the record all of you DSU people, the blog will not be renamed to "Pictures of my cat" OR "Pictures of my naughty cat" The cat simply adds a bit of flair and adorableness to my blog :P

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Julie said...

That's a very pretty cat. Put up as many photos as you want, I'll enjoy them all.

Bummer about the stir fry.