Friday, December 29, 2006

Ok I have finally gotten up off my lazy bottom and decided that I need to update. I have had a great Christmas break and it is not over yet, but right now I am in the first place in a while that has high speed internet. So I can finally upload my pictures. I have not gotten a ton of knitting done because I spent a significant portion of my break weaving. I have this amazing bird's eye maple loom, but it is pretty big so I can have it in Halifax with me. So it currently lives in Tatamagouche with my Mom and Step Dad. I am very beginner at weaving which is weird for me since I have been a highly competent knitter for so long, but I am slowly improving my skills. This Christmas I made 4 scarves, two for my Nanny and Grandad and two for Mike's parents Tom and Lenore.

I have finished a number of projects, most of which I have pictures for. The only one without a picture is Mary's Hermione Hat, but you can image what it looks like, picture the white one in a previous post only in burgendy and you'll get the idea. I am really happy with how it turned out, but it doesn't look like much unless it is on someone's head. Sadly I have no model right now and I am certainly not doing it because I have developed an eye sty in the last couple of days and there shall be no pictures of me taken until it is totally cleared up.

For Christmas this year I made my brother Niall a pair of Breakout/Space Invader Mittens. I was very pleased that he instantly recognized what they were because I was worried he wouldn't be able to tell. It was really tricky doing a pattern on the round for such a small piece, I probably should have worked it back and forth in intarsia, but I despise seams on mittens. Anyway he liked them enough that he has promised to cut back on his making fun of my blog by at least 20%.

Also, I finished Lionel and Julie's Blanket. It was very well recieved by them, but I forgot to take a picture of the finished product. That will be on my to do list.

I recieved many wonderful christmas presents this year from everyone around me. The most exciting knitting related present though was the Elizabeth Zimmerman books. I asked Tom and Lenore for one EZ book and they went out and got me three!! I am overwhelmed by EZ's wisdome and I am busy ploughly my way through her books. It's interesting though because quite a few of her suggestions I had figured out all ready but it took quite a few horribly disfigured projects to do so, oh how I wish she had been in my life sooner!

I finished a Baby Bolero from One Skein. I wish I could post it one the one skien knit a long, I have recieved and invite for the KAL but I can't figure out how to sign up! ARG.

Very exciting news, when I got to Maine my package from Knit Picks had arrived! So much yarn for such a small price, I am very pleased. I cast on for a pair of chevron self striping socks right away and so far I have ripped it out about three times and I am thinking about ripping it out again... too big, too small, too big, too small.... maybe I should follow EZ's advice and start checking gauge... the project was not a total loss though, I did my first short row heel and perfected the art of the wrap and turn! Also note the very long needle I am useing, this was my first project useing the magic loop. I am enjoying it, I have not yet decided if I prefer it to using DPs, I think I need some more practice first.

I also cast on for Sheldon the Turtle. I actually have much more of him completed than this picture shows and I should be finished him some time today. He is a fast and fun knit, which is good because I got enough yarn to make three.

And lastly here is a photo of my remaining knit picks yarn. So many possibilities! Of Socks and Turtles! The only disapointing thing was that in my excitment of ordering I forgot to make sure the wool was superwash. I don't mind handwash, but I had intended to make some gift socks and most giftee's do not appreciate having to hand wash their socks... so perhaps it will be three pairs of socks for me, which would not be half bad at all.

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Mare said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE HAT!!! Mike just gave it to me, and it is gorgeous.
Also, I think we should have a boxing match... my skills are way mad.