Monday, December 11, 2006

I only have one exam left, hurrah!! So excited for Christmas I really can't even express it. I am leaving to go home to my mom and step dad's house on thursday, where they have dial up and then I am spending chirtsmas with my Dad and step mom in PEI where the internet is unpredictable. So to make a long story short although I will likely be knitting a TON over christmas I will probably not be able to update very often, or at all until after Boxing Day.

I don't have any new knitting pictures to display because I have been doing Christmas knitting. After Christmas I can publish a slew of the gifts that I have given people.

So in lieu of pictures of knitting here is a picture of Sage "helping" me pack. I think maybe she wants to go to Saint John with me?

I am really looking forward to my fieldwork placement, but of course I have some anxiety as well. I hate being away from Mike, the cat, my apartment and all my friends here in Halifax. I am glad that I am staying with family though (my aunt and uncle in Seeley's Cove), so at least I will have some familiarity in it all.

Well, I hope that I will be able to update before Christmas, but if not, Happy Holidays!

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