Wednesday, July 04, 2007

So my CAOT exam is on Saturday, therefore I have been spending a bit of time (although not enough) with my dear friend Trombly. Those of you (which is almost all of you) who are not occupational therapists will not be familiar with this book, but for my fellow Dal Grad OT's Trombly is our bible. It's massive text on Occupational Therapy for Physical Dysfunction.

It's difficult though because it is large book that I like to lay on the couch while I read it. Of course since I have a cat, she then decides to lye on it every time. I guess the cat doesn't care if I pass my CAOT exam.

The CAOT exam by the way is a national exam that all occupational therapists must write upon graduation. You have to pass it in order to practice. Most people pass it without trouble, and a lot of people don't even study for it, but I am terrified at the idea of failing it!

I have also been studying because I start work tomorrow. Eeek! I am shadowing an OT tomorrow in a nursing home, and then on Friday I am going to a home on my own. So I want to make sure I brush up so that I can not look like an idiot on my first day.

I spent last weekend at my friend Alex's cottage. It was amazing! His cabin is right on a lake, we spent three days there eating BBQ, lighting fireworks, swimming in the lake, and having a few beers. It was great, I am sunburned, tired and covered in bug bites, but it was so worth it! Here's the group shot I took - so unfortunately I am missing from it :(

I did manage to do a little bit of knitting on my sock pal's sock. Not very much though. Here's what I have so far, you can't see the stitch definition very well, but it real life it is quite pretty.

Also, I have joined the Mystery Stole Knitalong, but I really don't know if I am going to have time to do it. Here's my material though:


Catie said...

you are doing the stole too?! awesome - my yarn isn't in yet - i ordered some black laceweight.

Catie said...

hope the exam went well :)