Monday, July 30, 2007

Remember how I said that I went a little crazy on Knitpicks? Well Mike's brother Ryan came up yesterday from Maine and brought my yarn with him. Wow I forgot how much I ordered. How much did I order?

I know I know. I'm bad. In this order I have enough yarn for a sweater, a bunch of facecloths/dishcloths, a shawl and a ton of socks! The sad thing is that this should be enough yarn to last the rest of the year, but I also got a bunch of new books - all of which have AMAZING sweater ideas and I really want to knit them!! In my knitpicks order I recieved the books LaceStyle, 50 Baby Booties, and Favorite Socks. In addition to this I recently bought Fitted Knits with the gift certificate that Mike gave me.

As if that wasn't enough for my plate I have also been thinking about this a lot lately.
This is a pattern for a Heirloom blanket that my Grandmother's sister mailed me. She said that it belonged to her mother. There was about three blanket patterns in the package but this is my favorite. It's beautiful eh? The pattern is really simple too, here it is:

Now I am pretty sure it's legal for me to share this with you. I have been told that copy right expires on knitting patterns after 50 years or so. If anyone knows any differently please let me know! As you can see the pattern is a little confusing, I am assuming all those "0's" are yarn overs. Anyone else have any ideas?

Sadly though I can't work on any of my new and excited projects though because I am stuck with my knitting for cash that I am doing right now. Although on the bright side, my cash knitting will pay for my fun knitting :) Here's my lace blob now.

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