Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Tall Ships have been in Halifax the past week. I unfortunately did not get any pictures of the pretty ships but I assure you they were quite spectacular. I did make it onto the "tall ship" Silva. It's not really a tall ship, just a bog boat with fake sails designed as a bar on the water. Still it was very fun. I went with "The Student Edge" a conference of student leaders being held in Halifax. I was not part of the conference, but Mike was and I tagged along as a stowaway.

Aren't we cute?

I have been working away on my sock pal's socks. I am almost to the toe on the second sock. I picked up these goodies for her while I was in Mahone Bay today. These are two very Nova Scotia products. Tea from Mahone Bay and homemade chocolates made in Wentworth (near my home). Does anyone have any other ideas for little goodies? I know some people are including things like crochet hooks and stuff, but I would feel silly if I gave my pal a crochet hook in a size she already had.

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