Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I have been cheating on my shawl knitting lately. I really should be knitting another Spinner's Lace Shawl, as I have told some customers that I will do that but instead I have been working on this. And can you blame me? I love these Irish/Aran inspired sweaters, and I am way too lazy to make an adult sized one, so I am making one for my cousin's baby. I am really happy with the pattern, it's beautiful yet simple. And it has finally inspired me for what my EZ sweater will look like.

I still don't know if it will be a cardigan, v-neck or pullover but I do know that it will have TWISTS in it. Have you discovered the beauty of the twist? I have done two stitch twists before and simple regarded them as an easier cable, but the four stitch twist is awesome! It is really beautiful like a cable but doesn't stick out as far and you don't have to mess around with a cable needle. Therefore I have decided that the bottom of my sweater will have a 4 stitch twist on it. I am very pleased with this. I will be knitting said sweater in the knitpicks yarn that I ordered earlier this week. Specifically I will be using Merino Style in coal. Wish me luck :)

Speaking of knit picks I also ordered a ton of other yarn and books but can't quite remember what exactly I ordered now that it has been a couple days. So it will be a wonderful surprise when it comes! I won't get it for a while though because I had it sent to Mike's parents house in the states.

Anywho I apologize if this post made no sense whatsoever I have just indulged in a rather large glass of wine and am feeling a little sleepy.

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