Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yes We Did

Well, last night was amazing! I stayed up to watch Obama's acceptance speech, which brought me to tears. I have definitly been paying for it today though, I went to work and then did a home visit, and I am totally exhausted. Note to self: you require more than 5 hours of sleep to function.

I finished these 9-5 socks a while ago and am only getting around to posting them now. I am pretty happy with these, they aren't particularly exciting or pretty or wonderful, but they will be nice work socks. The yarn is knitpicks essential tweed and the raverly link is available here.

Anyone else finding it impossibly hard to get good pictures when we only have 10 hours of daylight? I don't know if it is my less than excellent camera or the crappy lighting, but I have been finding it really hard to get any even half decent knitting pictures.


Anonymous said...

oh my, i LOVE these socks. just favorited the pattern and have big plans to knit them up. let me know if you have any cautionary tales about the pattern.

i wonder if The Boy would wear them? i don't think i can handle another pair of plain, ribbed, boysocks.

Maggie Tipping said...

I have no warnings about the pattern it's awesome. The stitch repeat is really simple to remember and it has a nice stretchiness to it. Love the pattern!