Saturday, November 15, 2008

Maggie + Batts = Love

So remember the red/orange/yellow roving that I dyed? Well once it dried I found the color a little bit intense. So when I went to spinning on the south shore yesterday I asked spinning guru Sharon Orpin if she could help me blend it with some white. She suggested that I use her electric drum carder and make batts with it. I was game! I made about 10 or so batts from my dyed polswarth combined with some white polswarth that she had. I was really happy with the resulting batts, especially since some of them were more red, others more orange and others more yellow. It all depended on which part of the roving I used.

This picture really doesn't do it justice, but my singles are looking just fabulous. I love how the batts give you a cool striping effect in your yarn. My favorite part though is how ridiculously fast I can spin from a batt. I spun up a bobbin in a third the time it would normally take me. Mind you... it's not super even... but I think that is partially the nature of spinning semi worsted.

I also plied this dyed Polswarth, it's the stuff from the singles I showed off in a previous post from London Wul. I will get a better shot of it when I finish spinning the rest (I still have about 4 ounces left to spin).

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