Monday, November 03, 2008

Warm Pasta and Soft Yarn

First things first, tonight I very pleased with my culinary talents. I made this Rigatoni meal courtesy of Emeril Lagasse. It's a mushroom and steak cream sauce with gorgonzola cheese. I am not a big blue cheese fan so I bought a Camembert Gorgonzola mix from the Italian Grocery Store and used that. Also, I used Blend Cream instead of Whipping, but it was still very rich and creamy. I took a picture, but it looked sort of grey, so I decided not to include it :)

I am really happy with this yarn that I spun up. There is close to 1000 yards there, although I am not sure of the weight because it is still a little damp. I would guess that it is somewhere in the sportweight-fingering weight category. I have ordered a WPI gauge, but I am still waiting for it. The roving is from PacaFiesta, it's a Alpaca, Merino, Buffalo, Angora mix. It was a gift for being a spinning demonstrator.

I really tried to get a close up of the yarn so that you could see the ply and twist, but my camera and the evening light just wasn't cooperating. You can take my word for it though that it is slightly under plied, but wonderful and squishy and soft and I think it's perfect. I am happy that it turned out well because I have a special plan for it with this pattern.

In other news Chase continues to be extremely helpful in facilatating all fiber crafts.


Anonymous said...

Duuude. I am still so jealous that you know how to spin - if only I had known about your secret skills while I was in Halifax!

Team Knit said...

your handspun looks so gorgeous!! And your kitty is super adorable. : )

- Julie