Thursday, November 06, 2008

River Rapids!

I cast on today for the River Rapids Socks using some Celestial Merino by Lucy Neatby. This picture really doesn't do this sock justice, it is a truly fantastic sock. It's one of those projects that takes longer to knit because you can't stop admiring your work as you go along. What a difference going from a sock knit with knitpicks to one with Lucy Neatby yarn, not like there is anything wrong with knitpicks, but it just does not have the pizzaz of handpainted merino. These socks are going to be a Christmas present for my step dad. The colours are not super manley, but he is a guy that is willing to wear bright colours, especially on his feet.

Do you knit at work? I don't usually, especially since I am a contractor aka self employed and I am always worried about looking super attentive at meetings. I do however knit at educational events. I always do this because as I am self employed, no one is paying me to go, I am going on my own time with my own money and I know that I will learn better and pay attention better if I have some knitting. In any case the work on this sock was done during a 2.5 hour presentation I attended today on pressure management (as in pressure ulcers, what we used to call bed sores). It was some great sock knitting time!

I am going to PEI tomorrow to see the family over there. I doubt I will be able to post when I am gone, but I will post when I get back!

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Anonymous said...

I do the same thing with our radiology lectures at school - we're expected to sit attentively and stare at pictures, not take any notes, and I can't pay attention unless I have something to do with my hands.