Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dance Dance

Not gonna lie... not a lot of work, fiber or otherwise got done around here today. I went to EB Games and picked up Dance Dance Revolution for the Wii. I have always wanted this game, or I have wanted it ever since I saw my friend Alex using it at movie theatre, and last night I learned that you could get it for the Wii.... so I got it ASAP today.

Did any of you know that a new World of Warcraft (WoW) expansion pack came out today? EB games was a zoo! and I was the only one there not buying it. The cashier actually laughed when I asked for a Wii game, and seemed relieved to talk about something other than WoW. People around me in line were asking me questions like what guild I was in.... It was all very odd. Not like I am judging, the reason that I do not play WoW is because I know that I would become totally addicted and obsessed with it. I like those kinds of games too much so I stay away from them.

I hope that I continue to enjoy DDR as much as I do know. Playing a video game for two hours a day might be a good thing for me if it makes me sweat more than I do in aerobics class!

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