Saturday, September 08, 2007


So I went to a couple dealerships, and at both places I feel in love with a Yaris. One was a cherry red two door, and the other was a silver four door. We decided the four door would be more convenient and Mike said that he would be embarrassed to drive a cherry red car that small.

So here is my silver beauty. It's not officially mine yet. I have it on an extended test drive until Monday night when I will make my final decision. This will be great because I am driving to Shelburne on Monday so I will get to see how it feels over a variety of road surfaces.

I think my mind is pretty much made up though, Oh Yaris you are so nice!

I would be lying though if I claimed I wasn't feeling guilty about leaving the beast. I have grown surprisingly attached to it, and I am gonna miss it too. I won't miss it's worn out brakes, leaking fuel tank, dripping oil pan and crappy wipers though.


swayinglights said...

Oh, your Yaris is adorable! Congrats on the new car, if you end up keeping it. :D

Anonymous said...

Love the Yaris - we have a silver echo from 2000 (basically the same car).

My Dad and sister both just bought the Honda Fit...also very very cool.