Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tea Pal

I am going to start naming posts. I realize this will make life much easier for those of you who use live bookmarks like I do. A word of warning though - I am very boring with my titles, which is why I have avoided them thus far.

So what's the best way to get yourself to update your blog when you have been procrastinating? Why start writing a paper for school of course!! Haha I am suppose to be writing a paper on what the Ottawa and Jakarta Charters for health promotion mean to me, but I think I will type about knitting and tea instead :)

Here is what I have so far for my tea pal:

Above you will see a felted tea cozy made with Cascade 220. It needs to go through one or two more wash cycles still. There is also a package of tea bags for using loose tea. My tea pal only occasionally drinks loose tea because she finds bags inconvenient. So I think she will really like these. I also stuck in a bag of Royal Blend Tea.. I am not sure if she will like it though so I think I will try to get her a second kind. I also included a organic cotton face cloth and a skein of blue Drops Alpaca which from her questionnaire I think she will really LOVE.

Unfortunately she doesn't like scents. I had planned on including a few scented soaps and candles but that doesn't really fly with her so I am going to try and find some other goodies. I think I will be a little late with the shipping deadline though... October 1... but hopefully only by a couple days.

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Anonymous said...

As I was reading this and smiling about the gorgeous blue alpaca ... my cat Henry jumped up on the bed and tried to run away with it. I think he likes it as much as I do!