Sunday, September 02, 2007

Not much knitting got done this weekend. I went to PEI early yesterday morning to attend the wedding of one Ms. Anne-Marie Brunet to a Mr. Wayne Peters. The wedding was that afternoon and I just got back this afternoon. Overall it was a great weekend, I drove up with an OT friend Sarah and we stayed in the luxurious 1 star Howard Johnson.

All joking aside the wedding was really beautiful. Anne-Marie was stunning in her dress and Wayne could not have looked happier as she walked down the aisle. Anne-Marie's family is Scottish and they was a charming Scottish favor to the whole affair. It was wonderful to see two such thoughtful and amazing people celebrate their relationship.

I made some good progress on my black sweater, of which I will post a picture of soon. I have done about 4 inches of twist ribbing, and about another 2 of plain stockinette. I only left 4 stitches for steeking, will that be enough? I think it will, I did one once with only two stitches, but that was a machine sewn steek not a crochet one, which I plan to do with this one.

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Anonymous said...

Nice picture - photogenic crowd.

I have one "machine steeked" once - I was making a sweater vest smaller. It really held together...I would think 4 sts would do it. Especially if you did 2 lines of sewing.