Thursday, February 22, 2007

Yesterday I started knitting a Swell hat for Ryan. I discovered though that the yarn I bought was actually sport weight and not worsed weight. I guess using the fingering weight for my Thermal sweater has distorted my normally very acute sense of yarn weights. I had just finished the color work on the hat when I realized that it was way too small, even though I was using the largest size. My new plan is to add about 2-3 more pattern repeats to the hat. That should make it fit, I am just worried I will run out of yarn. I only bought two 50 gram skeins. I am also unsure how big the earflaps should be. What I may do is cast on for the body of the hat first, and then add the earflaps afterwards, then if I run out of my main color I can do the earflaps in a contrasting color. Genius!

My Thermal sweater is coming along nicely, but I havn't done much work on it since I was working on Ryan's hat. So I won't bother posting a picture of the slightly longer body. I am into the second skein though! YAY!

While I am in Maine there are two Japanese girls staying here. Mike and Ryan's mom and dad take in two girls every year around this time for three weeks. They go to the UMaine campus every day and take an intensive ESL course. It's a neat program and the girls are always very nice to have around. Last night the girls showed me some Origami, here is a shot of my creations.

So, I am not super skilled, but it's coming! The girls gave me some extra paper to keep practicing.

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