Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My KnitPicks Gloss was in Maine as I expected when I arrived here. I attempted to do a gauge swatch, got annoyed with it and cast on. I kept getting different measurements from it everytime I measured it, so I gave up and figured I can block the sweater to whatever size I want. I also discovered the Thermal KAL, which I have requested to join. I enjoyed seeing other people's progress, and I share with them some feelings of "holy hell this is never going to end". But I shall remain optimistic!!

Two books that I ordered from KnitPicks were here too, Arctic Lace Today, and Barbara Walker's first Treasury. I am loving the Barbara Walker book, but I am less hooked on Arctic Lace, it's a nice book but it is pretty skimpy on patterns, focusing more on the history of Qivuit in the arctic and how the down is harvested. Interesting enough, but not really what i was looking for.

I found some pictures of the tea cozy that I knit my aunt and uncle. Here it is from one side:

And here is it from the other:

I love how Noro Kureyon changes so much that the teapot looks so radically different from each angle (and yes those are the unwoven ends sticking out). I should have taken a picture of the tea pot naked because it is a work of art in itself. My aunt is a potter, and she made the tea pot. Her work is beautiful! You can see more of it here.

Yesterday I discovered a new yarn store, right here in Orono. It's called Fiberphilia, and it is a very sweet cozy little store. They have free coffee and encourage people to bring their knitting and stay a while. They have a nice selection of natural fibers. Mike's brother Ryan came with and picked out some Blue Sky Alpaca worsted weight so I would make him a hat. I promised him I would make him a hat if he bought the yarn. I also got some Blue Sky Alpaca sport weight to make a design a Mobius shawl.

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