Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I am actually making progress on thermal. After I finish this pattern repeat, or maybe the next repeat I will be able to divide for the placket neck. Exciting! I have included a horrible picture of me wearing the sweater so you can see the progress. It;s blurry because I have to use the landscape setting on my camera in order to turn the flash off. I can't even express how much I love this sweater, if there was a way for me to legally marry the sweater, I would.

I have included another picture of Sage with the sweater, again for scale. As you can see I know have enough sweater to make a kitty blanket. The whole thing measures about 12 inches right now. Speaking of the cat, she stayed at my parent's house last week while I was on Spring Break, and for the six weeks before that I was in Saint John and she was here with Mike. Well I think she has abandonment fears now because since she got back to the city she has had intense, constant needs for love, seriously there are not enough cuddles in the world to make this cat happy. In the above picture she is actually purring she is so happy! It's all very cute, but she makes it hard to knit when she's always in my lap.

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Catie said...

I totally understand the cuddles on demand. My cats don't need separation anxiety to cue the snuggles though. All it takes is me being away for 6-10 hours. Seriously! One of them likes to be held like a baby. The other is learning the virtues of just sitting on my lab and the working yarn (which isn't at all bad if you compare it to what was the precident).