Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Today is a big day. Not only is today the first day of my orientation to the Post Professional Master's Program, Today is the day that the yarn harlot comes to Halifax. I am really pumped - not so much about the orientation, really more about the yarn harlot. I already have my knitting picked out! I am bringing a sock that I am working on for my step-dad's birthday in September.

Do you know what I heard Mike saying to his parents? I am sitting in the living room innocently knitting when I hear

"Yeah Maggie's really excited about this knitting celebrity that is coming to Halifax, I think she is going to be at a yarn store or something"

At this point I had to pipe up "excuse me, she is at the LORD NELSON", for those of you not from the city this is a very nice fancy hotel.

I hear him respond "Oh sorry, she is at the Lord Nelson. I guess I a lot of people like her. It's sort of like a Star Trek convention or something"

I can't believe the boy compared knitters to Trekkies. Not like there is anything wrong with Trekkies but how can you compare people holding up a 2000 year old craft with people who like to dress up like aliens?


Mike said...


seejane_knit said...

We should meet somewhere to start with. How about the Starbucks on Spring Garden & Queen at 5:30? I'll bring my Spock ears.

Mary said...

Ah hahaha. Brilliant.