Sunday, August 05, 2007

So I realized Mary is right. Sage has not been getting much airtime on the blog. No she's not any less crazy - in fact last night she spent about 30 minutes running around the apartment growling. She has been enjoying her summer vacation. You know as oppose to the rest of the year when she works oh so very hard.

This picture illustrates her at the height of her hard working. She's in her 'cat condo', and beside her is her toy collection. The orange mouse is a felted cat nip toy - and the colorful piece of wool was a felting swatch that she has adopted as a toy.

She has been having a bit of a turf war with a white cat that wanders around our parking lot. Twice I have got that little shit (the white cat, not sage) on the outside of our house attached to the screen growling at poor Sage.


swayinglights said...

I feel, somehow, like "photos of my cat" should be your blog subtitle.

But maybe I'm just jealous that your cat is adorable and mine is in Alberta.

Maggie Tipping said...

Yeah Ezra suggested a rename the blog to "pictures of my cat" a while back. Mike and his DSU cronies had lots of fun teasing me about it.

Thank you for saying the cat is adorable. Most people just say she looks evil.

Catie said...

pretty kitty, perhaps we think she is adorable because we are only seeing pictures while she is sleeping...?
PS: I'm very happy to see kitty pictures