Saturday, August 04, 2007

OK I am feeling much better now. The worst was ripping out what turned out to be about half of the whole shawl. I consoled myself with a huge bowl of this. By the way it was really yummy and very easy to make. Now that I am back into the knitting part I am feeling much much better. I am all the more motivated to get this thing done so that I can start doing some knitting for myself and friends.

Speaking of friends. I have been feeling rather knitting lonely lately. I have lots of fantastic friends but very few friends who knit. So it is rare that I have someone that I can knit with or go to yarn stores with. In high school I had my friend Gilly, and we would spend hours drinking tea and knitting together. But now she lives in a different town :( In the city I have my friend Jane, but sadly she is moving to Korea soon.

So the yarn harlot gives some advice on this subject in her newest book Cast Off. You basically have three options if you want more friends who knit. You can give birth to them (not an option right now), meet knitters at yarn stores (I am pretty shy and find this hard to do), or make knitters out of the friends you have. I am going with the third option. I recently taught my friend Mary to knit and she is plugging away happily on a Wonton. I am really proud of her. Her tension is perfect it is coming along really well. She will be an addict before you know it!

I am also working on fostering yarn love out of my friend Jody. She knows how to knit and crochet's blankets. She has asked me though for a 'recipe' as she calls it for a sock. So I will be showing her that shortly. Things are looking up in Maggie's knitting land!!


Catie said...

Have you signed up for Ravelry yet? I am a pretty solitary knitter (I moved in September and am still working at making friends period nevermind knitting friends). I find that Ravelry seems to make me feel connected.

Maggie Tipping said...

I requested to join but there are still thousands of people ahead of me on the list, so I don't know how soon it will be before I actually get to join. I am hopeful though :)

Mary said...

The only reason why my tension is perfect is because you are such a great teacher... awwww.