Friday, June 22, 2007

So I heard last night. I did not get the job. However, the manager told me that they may have some other work coming up, maybe as soon as the next couple days that they were keeping me in mind for. I was pretty sure I did not get the job, so I think this is the best possible alternative.

Here is a lace blob. I posted this picture just so you could see how beautiful the colors are. Aren't they great? This was dyed by Janine Stewart who has been working at starting up her own company - Give it a Whorl Fibers. You can read a little about her here.

This next shot is a little bit of my work in progress. It's too big now for me to get a good shot of it, but when it is done and blocked I can get some great pictures. The pattern is Spirit of the Southwest from Fibertrends and I really love it. The garter stitch lace is pretty, and I get a rest every second round :)

The second from the top lace is called butterfly lace. Isn't it beautiful?

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Anonymous said...

Secret Pal Here Again - Ohhh, pretty! I love your lace work. Can't wait to see what the finished object will look like!