Friday, June 15, 2007

I am the world's worst blogger. I have been back in the city for almost a week now, unemployed at that. And I have not been able to bring myself to update. I don't know what it was, I think I just kept thinking "I really should..." and that brought out the procrastinator in me. Now that I am back in the city though I should be updating regularly.

So I am all done school, until I start my Master's anyway. For the first couple days after I finished fieldwork I had this horrible constant feeling of "now what?". I am doing better now. I am looking really hard for work, if I find something that will be amazing, but if I don't I will have a summer of fantastic knitting.

I am working on some more lace shawls for the cashmere farm. They have sent in their wool for this year and they are getting ALL of it turned into lace weight, mostly for me to make into creations from Victorian Lace Today. So I will have the honor of making some really fantastic garments this year. I will post a picture of what I am working on a little later, first I have to show you some pictures from my last visit to their farm, which is a true fiber farm!

These are the guard animals of the two flocks. I had heard of people using donkeys are guard animals, but not llamas. So I thought that was pretty cool, and of course you can use the llama's wool too! I have never knit with it before though, have any of you? The owner asked me what the wool might be like and I wasn't sure.

They also have a lovely little herd of Berkshire pigs. I had never seen them before but I guess they are a heritage breed, sort of the original pig. This poor mama pig had EIGHT little ones following her around squealing at her. I was amazed at her patience, I think I would have lost it.

They have highland cattle, which you can also use the wool of. I don't think it is knit with, but I think something else is done to it to create ties, vests etc. I don't really know the details, but I thought that was an awesome use of a cow.

And of course there was the cashmere goats. And, babies! They were so sweet and wonderful. I can't get over what a fine life the cashmere goat has, all he has to do is sit around, lounge the fields, eat, and grow hair. I could do that!

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