Saturday, July 19, 2008

Playing with Julia

Yesterday I went to the spinning group held at Sharon's in Lunenburg. It was wonderful to be able to practice with the support of other spinners. Sharon was very patient and gave me some great tips. I spent most of the time there spinning on her Louet Julia, and I really enjoyed it. She even let me borrow it for a little bit, and if I like it I can buy it from her.

Although I didn't notice it when I was in her studio when I took the wheel home I felt like it might be shaking a little, but I don't know if that is my imagination or not. I mean the bobbin is spinning around pretty fast, maybe I am just not used to any movement.

Julia and I made this yarn last night. We are pretty proud of ourselves. We're working now on spinning another bobbin of the same stuff to ply together.


The Ninja Knitter said...

Hey Maggie,

As for the Julia, yes, I do notice a little bit of wobble, but not really enough to bother me. It has to do with the wheel design - the orifice isn't supported, so you really only have one end of the bobbin that's attached to the wheel. So, you'll get a definite wobble at super high speeds.

I'm ok with that, but I do know that it would bother other spinners. Personally, I'm quite in love with my Julia and she will likely be my wheel for life. (But I'm a huge Louet fan.) :)


Monika said...

Hi Maggie, I started spinning with a spindle, but only for a month. Even that yarn I used to knit a hat. Once I've got the wheel, I used all my handspun to knit right away. Of course it was uneven spun, and I still do that, it's handspun after all. As long as it holds together after plying and washing, it's yarn for me. I've not done single ply for knitting. I just think it's a waste of time, because it's not especially strong. Have fun with your spinning! :o)