Sunday, February 03, 2008

I know that I have been an awful blogger, and I am not going to lie about it, it's probably not going to get any better any time soon. All I do for my distance education courses is post online and reflect, reflect, reflect, so it leaves me feeling less than inspired to sit at a computer and reflect on my knitting.

I have been doing some knitting, mind you not a ton, but some. I am plugging away on the tangled yoke cardigan, and frankly I am a little bored. Yet I am monogamous with this sweater, so I have not been able to bring myself to cast on for something interesting. I have 1.5 sleeves done and the body up to the arms. I do think it's going to be really great when its done though. I can't express how much I love tweed.

I have also come to the realization that I have too much yarn. I know. I know. Really though I have to cut down. I am going on a serious yarn diet until I cut into some of this silliness. I now have 6 large rubber maid bins of yarn. This is just ridiculous. I have a variety of colors and weights so there is no excuse. Mind you I don't have enough yarn for sweaters in any type, but lots for socks, toys, mitts, hats, and whimsies.

PS: never drink water at my house that you have left out on the coffee table


Mary said...

HA! Sage is a troublemaker.
I agree with you on the insane amount of yarn that you have sitting in your apartment. One day, all the yarn will get together and create a yarn monster that will just take over the city.

Catie said...

One of my kitties likes to tip water glasses if they have water in them so we try to be careful about that but still, I think the rule should apply in our house too.

Julie said...

AHAHAHAH. Such a pretty kitty. Up to the arm pit in that glass. SOOoooo cute.

Anonymous said...


Before we got our sideboard to keep the dishes in, they were on the shelves of a serving cart. Even though she never showed any interest in them otherwise, our dog would saunter over and lick them when guests were over.