Saturday, February 09, 2008

I finished Quant, and now that I have my indiscretions out of my system I can get back the sweater. I am happy with Quant, it covers my ears nicely, and since the wool isn't on my forhead the noro doesn't feel itchy.

Sorry the pictures aren't the best, I was home alone when I took them. For the record I used 3.5 mm needles, and I had maybe 10ish grams of Noro left over.

As for my sweater I have joined the sleeves and I am working the yoke. I only have one major set back. For some reason when I knit back and forth instead of in the round my knitting is WAY looser. The sleeves are the only part of this sweater that is knit in the round, but the result is that the sleeves are at a totally different gauge than the rest of the sweater. They still fit and everything, but it's going to look a little weird...

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