Friday, October 12, 2007

Well I can't even begin to describe how busy I have been. Work has been pressuring me to take more nursing homes... and I have been agreeing because well... I need the money. On top of that school has been getting crazier and crazier. Apparently they don't just give out Master's degrees... unless you can find some sort of sketchy internet site which probably isn't a good idea. Anyway I am going to hermit for the weekend and hopefully I can get on top of things. Hopefully.

Anyway I thought I would take a little break to say a huge thank you to my tea pal! And to express how glad I am that my tea pal recipient is happy with her items. Here's her post about it. Also, for the record, it's a facecloth, haha.

My tea pal gifter was Julie from Team Knit. She really went over the top with her gifts, and really picked items that suit me. I am so pleased!!

First off my favorite item, a lovely white mug (which I am using as I type) with a very pretty little mug cozy. I love it, it's so cute! The mug has a really nice balance and feel to it, feels good when I drink out of it :)

And here's the full pile of goodies!

Included in the package is:
- a lovely bag of white tea (of which I have already had a cup, it's really nice)
- A tea strainer which will be very handy as I can use my regular tea pot to brew tea and then skim the leaves off of my cup
- a box of bagged Jasmine tea which I have not tried yet, but I do really like Jasmine tea
- a bar of chocolate with EARL GREY inside! How exciting is that?
- Two beautiful skeins of purple drop Camelia lambs wool
- a box of tea bags (to make a tea bag with loose tea - very cool)
- and a bottle of really pretty sweet smelling white tea lotion

Thank you so much tea pal! You were so generous!!!

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Team Knit ! said...

You were my very first swap pal- this was my first swap! Thanks for being such a lovely giftee, and it was great to discover your blog! I hope you enjoy using everything.