Monday, October 08, 2007

I had a great weekend in PEI, stuffing myself with Turkey and visiting my family. Unfortunately due to car troubles (not the Yaris) and an accident on the road the trip back took us a grand total of 10 hours. Still I think it was worth it for the good food, nice wine, and tolerable company.

I finished one of my cabled socks on the trip back. I haven't started the second one though... I don't tend to get major second sock syndrome, I just get stuck in two spots. The first spot I get stuck in is casting on and the second is doing the heel, once I have gotten over those little humps I happily finish the pair.

I am puttering away at Ravelry, it sure takes a long time to get all your projects on when you aren't a big Flickr user. I really need to start taking better pictures of my finished objects. Seriously, a lot of them you can barely make out what I even made let alone get an idea of how wonderful/ugly it was!


Anonymous said...

I hear ya, I'm not a big Flickr user either so it takes some time to get projects loaded.

I hate travelling for one reason - the getting there and getting back. Planes, cars, doesn't matter. Hate it.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!! I just got my K1T2 Package in the mail!!! Hmm I can't wait to try some tea and chocolate! The doily is amazing and I love the tea cozy! Thank you so much for the effort and thought you put into the package. I love the alpaca! I've never knit with it before and it's an amazing colour.

Catie said...

found you on ravelry :)

Melissa said...

Maggie...I need some yarn advice...a lady is selling handspun yarn here at the hospital and has listed ALL the different types she has! Help! haha...whats best, whats soft? whats pretty and fun? :)