Saturday, April 21, 2007

So dear readers, where might you ask am I typing this post from? Well I am typing from my brand new laptop. It is oh so very shiny, and oh so new!! The computer place told me that was laptop could not be saved, so they sent me a new one, that is actually quite a bit nicer than the last one was. Right now I am going through the long process of updating all the software I need, and restoring lost data.

I had my first week of fieldwork this week. I have to say, I am really happy that I chose this site. The hospital is very small and friendly, and the residents are really great to work with. I am already learning a lot, and really feeling like I am starting to help some people. Even though I have to live away from Halifax (and away from high speed internet) during this placement, I am still really enjoying things. I am back in Halifax right now for the weekend, so I will be able to update with pictures, but I will need a little more time to sort things out with my computer first.

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Ezra Edelstein said...

I love it that what you miss about Halifax is the highspeed internet and the city. Not really what I was expecting you would be missing about Halifax, but hell, to each their own.