Saturday, April 14, 2007

I called the computer place again last Thursday and they finally located my computer and put a work order on it. Then they basically said, don't call us, we'll call you when it's done. Fine then.. I will just wait patiently, or not so patiently until they arrive. It's frustrating though because not only can I not blog or post pictures I also can't do my job. What's my job? Well I have been typing up meeting minutes for the DSU, it's slow and tedious (I actually have to transcript every word that is spoken) but it helps pay the bills.

I am pretty stressed about money right now. I contacted the hospital in town about doing casual work as an OT there, I really hope they get back to me. If I can work as an OT next year I will be able to take a nice chunk out of my loans, but it is really hard to find work in Halifax as a new grad. There are so many of us here looking for jobs. Wish me luck!

My lace shawls are coming along nicely. I have finished one shawl, but I was not able to block it very nicely. So I bit the bullet and bought some blocking wires. I know that you don't NEED them to block lace, but I was really anxious that I wouldn't get the lines even. So hopefully with these dummy wires I can do a good job. If I was using my own wool, and it wasn't CASHMERE I wouldn't stress about it, but it's not my wool, and it is cashmere, and the people who own the wool have worked so hard to get it and they are so nice I really don't want to disappoint them!

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Catie said...

you don't need blocking wires but I hear they make life a lot easier - I'm working on some lace and when I'm done I'll be getting some blocking wires ... I hope your computer comes back soon, I would like to see a picture of the shawl. How many are you making?