Sunday, April 22, 2007

Here as promised is a post with some pictures! Finally! From now on I will probably only be updating 1-2 times a week as where I am staying in Tatamagouche does not have any high speed internet. I will try to update when I am back in Halifax for the weekend, or take my laptop to an internet cafe or something. I promise not to drop off the face of the planet for 6 weeks like I did when I was in Saint John though!

So here is my blocking lace shawl. I learned a couple things during this process such as:
- Always make sure your wire is through two threads of yarn on the edge
- Don't block lace at 10:00 at night when you are really tired and impatient and there is no light
- Blocking is kind of a pain in the ass, but totally worth the effort

So what is that I am using as a blocking board? High density Styrofoam that my parents are using to insulate the basement. It works amazingly well! And you can buy 8 feet of it for $20. I am considering investing in some, as at really did work well.

I am really happy with how the shawl came out. The pattern is so pretty and so simple and so addictive. Bonus: It's a garter stitch lace so you always get to knit every other row.


Catie said...

i'm becoming a lace addict... what is the pattern and why two threads when you block? Is it so that the threads don't break?

Catie said...

oh and beautiful

CelticCastOn said...

your shawl looks great! Thanks for the tip on the insulating styro, I know where I can get me some of that heheh

Maggie Tipping said...

The pattern is Spinner's Lace from Fibertrends. It is a hard one to find though!

And the reason I saw to use two threads is that when I only used one it stretched the stitch out really weird and I had a wonky loop hanging out. It was not pretty. I don't know if that applies to all projects, but I think I will use it.

Leah said...

The shawl is just breathtaking! I like your insulating foam idea. I've been planning on getting some foam core board at the drugstore, but they never have any panels big enough.