Sunday, October 26, 2008


Look! It's a turtle type thing! I crocheted this little guy last night as I was getting ready to go a haunted house with some friends. The whole thing took about two hours. Man, crochet is fast! To give the crocheters some credit though I am sure there is a big difference between an amigurumi animal and a lace doily...

I ordered some plastic safety eyes from 6060 on etsy. I was very happy with her service, they arrived a week later and were exactly what I ordered. Now that I have these little eyes I have urges to make a little army of mini toys. Not sure what I would actually do with them, but I sure would have fun making them. My only problem is that my stash is not very accessible (ie it's stacked in tupperware buried in a closet... ok two closets... and it's hard to dig out all my little balls of worsted weight. Mike suggested I get some kind of cubby storage unit which I am definitly going to look into.

I bought a new desk! It's fantastic and holds all my stuff. Only one drawback, it's way too high for me. You would think that as an occupational therapist who does ergonomic assessments I would be smart enough to measure the height of the desk and realize that maybe 30.5 inches in a little high for me (average is about 27.5-29.5, and I am only 5 feet tall). It does have a keyboard tray though so I may just have to pick up an external keyboard for my laptop and plop it on there.


Anonymous said...

OMG, I am so jealous that you figured out crocheting. I try all the time, but I always end up just knitting with a crochet hook.

(This is Jane, btw)

Maggie Tipping said...

haha, I think I learned crochet around the same time as knitting, so I find them both pretty easy. I almost never crochet though because other than afghans and toys there isn't a lot of crochet that I like.